The following Washington State and City of Seattle legislation will impact every association and homeowner in these geographies.  Please share with your community and contact your legislator(s).  Make your voice count by engaging!

WA State Legislation

City of Seattle Legislation

  • Seattle Building Emissions Performance Standards (BEPS)
    • Your property will be required to reach NET ZERO emissions at *any cost.*  Achieving these standards will cost millions of dollars per property.
  • The above Call to Action is still a work in progress, but paints a picture of the pain this legislation will entail.  
    • Please DO NOT start hiring consultants to work on non-final requirements!  
    • Please contact your Seattle City Council Members and OSE (see link above).
  • N.B.  CAI organized an information session on 2/9 where RDH and others encouraged associations to hire consultants now to help them plan to meet Seattle BEPS requirements that are NOT final and that will require SEPA review.

To read the actual proposed legislation, click on the links below:

HB 1054 – Proposed

HB 1199 – Proposed

HB 1507 – Proposed

HB 1569 – Proposed

SB 5727 – Proposed