What’s Happening in the Neighborhood

November 20-26

Annual Budget Ratification Meeting

The Ellington Annual Budget Ratification Meeting will be on Tues Nov 24th at 6:00pm , via a Zoom Meeting. Details are in the budget pack sent out by Suhrco. Please drop off your signed Proxies at the front desk ahead of the meeting please.                 

Hope to see you there!

Meeting ID: 984 1531 4323
Passcode: 379306 

Check Your Deck

A friendly reminder that when the Fall winds blow even the smallest item on a deck can move or take flight. Recently bottle caps, cigarette butts, chewing tobacco, – and even a propane bottle – have landed on decks below.

The Package Pickup!

The front desk receives approximately 80-90  packages a day. Please claim all parcels ASAP to make room for the next day’s deliveries. Thank you! 

Bio-Clean Monthly Maintenance

It’s time for your monthly application of Bio-Clean. Just one application this month! One tablespoon dissolved in 2 cups warm water, pour in kitchen sink and let it work for 8 hours- it’s that easy!

Water Use Up, Rates Up 

Help keep water costs down. Check your bathroom fixtures and sinks for running or dripping water. Toilet mechanisms can easily and inexpensively be repaired.  Replacement kits are available for purchase at the front desk.

Face Mask Mandate

In accordance with the Governor’s Proclamation 20.03


Violators  are subject to fines.

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