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Smoke Detector Replacement

Figuring that 20-year-old smoke detectors are past their useful reliable life, I just replaced the four original Firex detectors in my condo with top-rated First Alert ones. One problem, however, is that the old Firex plugs in the wall do not directly connect to new First Alert detectors.

Of course, you can hire a qualified electrician or handyman to do the rewiring; but if you want to DIY and save some $$, there is an adapter available that directly connects the old Firex plug to a new First Alert detector without having to cut and reconnect wires, which is what I used successfully.

Since the adapters came in a quantity of 12 from Amazon, I obviously have several left over. If you’re interested in any of my surplus adapters, or just more details about my experience with the process, feel free to email: