The following state-mandated and Ellington Condominiums and Owner’s Association implemented rules are in effect for the fitness room. Violators of health and safety guidelines are subject to fines as dictated by the HOA.

  • State-mandated occupancy limit of 1 person per 500 sq ft, or 1 person in fitness room at a time (with one exception, see below).
  • One person from the same household is permitted in the fitness room during your reservation.
  • Forty-five-minute sessions by appointment only. Only 1 reservation per day. Reservations accepted two weeks in advance. Please be flexible with time of work out to allow other residents availability to use the gym. 
  • Masks mandatory at all times and may not be removed during exercise.  
  • All users must complete a Covid 19 Waiver. 
  • All users must make reservations with the Concierge on the sign-up sheet provided there.  A key for the Fitness Room will be provided by the Concierge at the time of your reservation, and must be returned to the Concierge at the completion of your reservation.
  • No age restrictions, but it is recommended that high-risk individuals and that those over age 65 do not use the fitness room at this time 
  • All users will be issued a spray bottle of disinfectant and a towel and are required to clean all equipment and surfaces before and after contact. 
  • Bring your own water bottle, no glass allowed in fitness room.
  • Rest room shower is closed. Restroom may be used for hand washing.
  • Hot tub remains closed

Please see hours open, sign up options and other instructions below: 

  • Fitness room open daily 6am –9pm, closed from 1:00-2:00 pm daily for cleaning and disinfecting of the room
  • Reservations taken for a 45 minute block. You must indicate what equipment you will be using, and will be responsible to wipe and disinfect thoroughly before and after your work out.
  • Mask or face covering must be worn at all times when using the Fitness Room. Violators face violations and fines.